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How We Are Different

How We Are Different

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At Kids Aquatic Survival School we deliver Australia’s safest, most effective, accelerated aquatic survival program to non-verbal infants, toddlers and young children aged from 6 months to 6 years.

We do things very differently here from most swim schools however we strongly feel these differences are vital in teaching adequate skills and reducing the drowning rate for children under 5.

Our 5 distinct differences are:
1. No floatation devices

We do not use any floatation device, goggles or aids when a child is learning the 6-8 week survival program.

  • WHY?  Children will become accustom to them and panic keeping their eyes closed if they were to fall into a body of water without them on. Instead of keeping their eyes open to look for safety or a way out. Floaties give children (and parents) a false sense of security and do not teach them to respect the water.


2. No parents in the water

We do not have parents in the water with children (even the under 3’s) when they are still learning.

  • WHY?  Most parents simply do not have the knowledge or training to teach their child adequate skills in the water. Remember teaching adequate skills and playing in the water are two very different things. A parent in the water just makes the learning process a lot slower and that time could cost a child their life. A parent in the sense acts just like a floatation device for the child and we all know that they just give children a false sense of security in the water.


3. Accelerated program tailored to under 5 year olds who are most at risk of drowning

Our program teaches babies, infants and toddlers aquatic survival skills in 6-8 weeks which is 30-40 lessons.

  • Why? Because it is the under 5’s that are most at risk of drowning so it only makes sense that children are still in this age group when they are adequately skilled. The program gets results in weeks not years and when preventing drowning in children, safety, effectiveness and use of time is of a great importance.
  • What they learn: Our survival program teaches babies from 6 months to walking age breath control and how to roll onto their back and stay in a floating breathing posture until help arrives. From Walking age children are taught skills such as breath control, how to grab, reach up and turn for the side; If they are out of arms reach how to swim (dog paddle) to the side; how to roll back to float, rest and breath; how to incorporate the sequence of swimming and floating if safety is further than one breath away; most importantly all children are taught how to remain in a floating and breathing posture if getting to safety is simply not an option. All children also perform these skills in full winter clothing, nappy and shoes.

Once a child is skilled in aquatic survival we encourage weekly swimming lessons, because we believe the more you do something the better you will get. The Kids Aquatic Survival School program creates the best aquatic survival foundation for the child to build upon for furthering their swimming ability.


4. Private 1:1 lessons with specialised instructors

We only deliver private lessons as this allows the instructor to be focussed on your child 100% of the time and enables the child to obtain 100% swim time and effectiveness of the lesson. This also enables the instructor to tailor the program to the child’s individual needs and ability.


5. Start anytime

We delivery our Survival program all year round not by the school terms (excluding weekends and public holidays). We also do not charge for missed lessons if a child is sick.