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Instructor Overview

Instructor Overview

Instructor Education and Development Program

The KASS program for Student Instructor development is a comprehensive educational experience that includes actual in-water work with a certified Training Specialist. There is associated guided academic study of a broad base of subjects including child development and learning theory, behavioural science, and anatomy, physiology and physics as they relate to infants and young children in the aquatic environment .

The training program runs for a minimum of 8 weeks where the following plan is undertaken:

  • Initially 2 weeks of accademic work introducing the student instructor to the behavioural theories and the science behind KASS lessons.
  • 6 weeks of theory and practical in water work.
    • This involves the following:
      • In water practical moving through the progressions of lessons from a childs first day to their final graduation.
      • Theory allowing the instructor to mold the practical and theory together.
      • Video analysis which gives the student instructor feedback and knowledge which they can utilise in lessons on their own.
  • A Student instructor is not certified to work on their own until this is completed and the training instructor signs off on all of these elements.
  • All instructors are required to complete the two Austswim courses which will allow the insurance company to cover them.
  • All pool aquisitions are the responsibility of the training instructor.

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