Transitional Lessons

Transitional Lessons

The KASS Survival and Learn to swim program provides the child with the optimal foundation for their swimming and water safety future. Once the child has completed this stage of survival and swimming they can progress onto weekly transitional lessons.

Transitional lessons are designed to bridge the gap between survival lessons and stroke development.

Transitional lessons are 15 minute weekly lessons delivered privately 1 on 1 throughout the school term.

In Transitional lessons your child will further develop their survival skills to ensure retention of these vital skills.

Transitional lessons will also introduce:
  • 4 competitive strokes and survival backstroke
  • Kicking technique
  • Breath control introducing unilateral breathing
  • Diving for submerged objects
  • Fun and confidence
At Kids Aquatic Survival School we have the following competency levels:
  1. Infant Transitional Stages: New, Bronze, Silver & Gold
  2. Junior Transitional Stages: Bronze, Silver & Gold
  3. Senior Transitional Stages: Bronze, Silver & Gold
  4. Platinum


At KASS, we believe swimming will improve swimming.

The more that a child swims the better they will be and the more relaxed they will become in the water. Lessons are a base to practice and a way that children can improve the technical skills of swimming.

They say practice makes perfect. At KASS, we are not after perfection at a young age so any practice will improve their skills, and this is what we are after. As children progress through lessons they will be able to perform the technical skills better if they are able to be more efficient in their free swimming.

It is like building a house. If the foundations are weak then one day the house will fall down. If the foundations are strong then it is easy to build on top of. With KASS survival and transitional program we are looking to build a strong foundation so the strength comes from the initial layer and it is then easier to build on top and have swimmers who are not only comfortable and confident in the water but have built confidence in their ability to perfect new skills as they get older.



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