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Transitional Lessons

Transitional Lessons

Transitional lessons are designed to bridge the gap between survival lessons and stroke development.

Once the child has completed the KASS Survival and Learn to swim program, children progress onto weekly transitional lessons.

Transitional lessons 15 minute lessons delivered privately 1 on 1 throughout the school term.

In Transitional lessons your child will further develop their survival skills to ensure retention of these vital skills.

Transitional lessons will also introduce:
  • 4 competitive strokes
  • Kicking technique
  • Breath control introducing unilateral breathing
  • Diving for submerged objects
  • Fun and confidence
At Kids Aquatic Survival School we have the following competency levels:
  1. Infant Transitional Stages: Bronze, Silver & Gold
  2. Junior Transitional Stages: Bronze, Silver & Gold
  3. Senior Transitional Stages: Bronze, Silver & Gold
  4. Platinum

At Kids Aquatic Survival School (KASS) for a long time we have said that swimming improves swimming. Although your child never forgets the skills that they have learnt they will be better at retaining them if they are in the pool practicing. It also allows your child to improve on their swimming skills that they have learnt and expand into another world of swimming.

The perfect time to do these lessons is winter. It is unlikely that you will be in your pool over winter and a lot of parents don’t like getting in the pool themselves.

Some of our pools are heated and indoors, so why not get a qualified KASS instructor to do it for you.

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