Video Gallery

Video Gallery

Watch 9 month old Rohan graduate the KASS survival program in full winter clothing including nappy and shoes. (Below)

Watch Ary. She is 21 months old and understands breath control, how to reach and grab for safety and when to roll over and float to rest and breathe. (Below)

Watch Polly who is 18 months after 17 lessons float like a champion! (Below)

Watch Co-owner of Kids Aquatic Survival School Rachelle Beesley on 7 News. (Below)

9 month old swimming with dad after completion of the KASS Survival program. (Below)

Once the child is completely skilled we get the parents in the water to show them how to interact with their child in the water. 

7 News Interview with KASS Director Richard Beesley (Below)

Watch Ophelia simulate an accidental fall into water. (Below)

At the completion of the 8 week survival program children simulate an accidental fall into water in full winter clothing, including shoes and nappy. Up until this time children have been taught, breath control, how to roll to back and float from any orientation, how to reach and grab for the side, if the side is not within reach, how to remain in a floating, breathing posture until help arrives.


Because most children don’t drown in their swimmers playing around water. It occurs when they have wandered, unnoticed to a body of water.

Survival classes do not replace supervision or restricting access to through pool fences, locking doors including pet doors. It does add a layer of protection against drowning as it could provide those crucial seconds or minutes to prevent tragedy.

WIN News footage from 2017 Figtree KASS Franchise Interview. (Below)

Chanel 9 Today Show Panel Discussion 2017 (Below)