No Goggles

No Goggles

Goggles create a false sense of security which does not mimic an emergency aquatic scenario. Should the child fall into water they need to learn how to respond without these comforts.

At Kids Aquatic Survival School in the Survival and Learn to Swim Program, no goggles are permitted in the 6-8 week Survival and Learn to Swim Program.


Goggle dependency can become a genuine water safety issue.

Nearly 80% of children under 4 years of age who drown, do so due to falls into water (RLSS Drowning Statistics). Most children in this situation are fully clothed and not wearing goggles. Children who become accustom to wearing goggles may panic, keeping their eyes closed instead of keeping their eyes open to look for safety or how to get out of trouble. Therefore it is important children do not develop a mindset of which they cannot swim without their goggles on.

At Kids Aquatic Survival School we want to ensure children have a realistic understanding of their capabilities in water. Wearing aids, such as goggles, make it more comfortable for the child to see underwater which can lead to a greater confidence in the child wanting to put their face in the water. However, confidence does not mean competent! Should the child ever find themselves in an aquatic accident, these are comforts the child won’t have. Therefore, at Kids Aquatic Survival School , we say no to goggles and only allow children to have comforts such as goggles once fully skilled in survival.

At Kids Aquatic Survival School, we introduce the intermittent use of goggles at the transitional stage as they:
– Encourage the child to put their face underwater
– Provide a different sensory experience and perspective
– Enhance vision when diving for submerged objects
– Encourage head down and underwater swimming

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