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Term Information 2018

Term Information 2018

2018 Transitional & Stroke Lessons

NSW KASS pools and offices will be closed from 23 December to 2 January 2018

NSW School Holidays are from Monday 25 December to Friday 26 January 2018

Survival Lessons continue as normal in School Holidays


Term 1 is from Monday 29th January to Friday 13 April

Duration: 11 week Term (10 weeks for Monday, Friday and Saturday Lessons due to Public Holidays falling on 30 and 31 March and 2 April)

Stroke lessons are a 10 week term due to public holiday falling on 31 March.

Term cost: $385 ($350 for Monday,, Friday or Saturday lessons)

Discount: If paid before 26 January 2018 term payment is reduced to $350 ($315 for Monday, Friday or Saturday lessons)

Payment type accepted: Cash or Direct Deposit

Cancel: If you don’t wish to continue we would ask that you email us atinfo@infantswim.com.au before 15 January 2018

Continuing lessons

If you have a current booking you are automatically enrolled for next term. On Monday 15 January 2018, a confirmation email will be sent from bookings@schoolinterviews.com.au. It will details your current booking and a link to the booking system. If you are happy with your current booking you are not required to take further action.

Changes to lessons

On Monday 15 January 2018 at 7pm, the booking system will open to enable adjustment of your current time slot. If you are not enrolled in Transitional lessons, on Monday 15 January 018 at 7pm please click here and follow the instruction to book into a suitable time and day. Please do not try to make changes before this time as the system will still be in use for makeup lessons for the current term.

Cancel lessons

If you do not wish to continue lessons we would ask that you email us at info@infantswim.com.au before 15 January 2018. On Thursday 18 January 2018 at 7pm, we will be closing all bookings. If you have not removed yourself you will then be invoices for Term 1 of Transitional lessons.

School Holiday Lessons are from 3rd January to 25th January 2018*

School holiday lessons are not compulsory. Should you book for school holiday lessons, please note non-attendance will be charged.


Lesson type: Transitional
Day/s: Wednesday
Times: 7am – 9am
Bookings open Thursday 14 December 2017

Unless a booking has been confirmed through school interviews we will assume you will NOT be attending lessons through the school holidays.

Lilli Pilli

Lesson type: Transitional
Day/s: Monday – Friday
Times: 9am – 10am
Bookings open Thursday 14 December 2017

Unless a booking has been confirmed through school interviews we will assume you will NOT be attending lessons through the school holidays.


If you are new to KASS and wish to enrol your child a prerequisite is completion of the survival program prior to progressing onto transitional lessons. Please call KASS to discuss further.

Transitional Lessons are booked through the School Interviews bookings system.

Please ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of changing your lesson or when you are eligible for a make up lesson. Should you do extra lessons you will be charged. If you know you are going to be away please take these lessons out A.S.A.P. You are able to makeup a lesson at any stage during the term. Lessons can not be made up in school holidays.

Click on the link for the terms and conditions http://www.infantswim.com.au/lessonstechnique/lessontandc/

Payment is due prior to term commencing or by the week 2 of term commencing.

How to cancel your child’s lesson and book a makeup

If you are interested in a make up transitional lesson for your child please click on the link at the bottom of your email sent from school interviews prior to term commencing. Follow the prompts and it will take you to a selection of lesson availability that you will be able to select a lesson that suits your time. We recommend checking availability regularly. This will be updated every time that we get a cancellation (why we stress the importance of letting us know if your child will not be attending their transitional lesson as that spot then becomes available as a make up for another child). Better still if you get onto the website yourself and cancel your own child if they are not attending a lesson, at times we may not get your message until after the lesson has passed and the spot has been wasted. These are the only times available and makeup must be made during the term.

NO lessons are delivered on public holidays.

If you don’t wish to continue we would ask that you email us at info@infantswim.com.au

Note cancellation mid term results in penalties as outlined in terms and conditions 

Survival Lessons

Please note SURVIVAL LESSONS are delivered ALL year regardless of the school term. No lessons are delivered on public holidays.If you would like to book into our accelerated survival program please call 1800 543 779 or email info@infantswim.com.au

Should you have any questions regarding this please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Richard & Rachelle Beesley

Kids Aquatic Survival School



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