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    Aquatic Survival Skills

    When your child learns with us, they’re in good hands


    Every Lesson Counts

    Swimming is the only sport which could save your child’s life, and that is priceless


    Floatie free for life

    We encourage children to learn new skills out of their comfort zone, because challenge creates change


    Kids Aquatic Survival School

    We teach your child to become an aquatic problem solver and self rescue

What We Do

We teach children aquatic survival skills not just water familiarisation.

Survival Lessons

Children from 6 months old learn vital swimming skills to save themselves.

Transitional Lessons

Designed to help with the step between survival lessons and stroke lessons.

Stroke Lessons

Improve your child’s swimming confidence and competence.

Consistency Creates Competency

At KASS we make every lesson count.

Enrol Now

All children are required to complete the KASS Survival and Learn to Swim Program before progressing onto other lessons.


We answer common questions about why the KASS program is very different to most swimming lessons.

Become an Instructor

KASS instructors endeavour to make children safer in and around the water.

Start a Franchise

Are you interested in becoming a part of the team at Kids Aquatic Survival School (KASS)?

I started my two eldest children in regular swim classes from the age of 6 months, but realised after 2 years of this that if they fell in a pool, they would still not know what to do and would sink to the bottom. I wanted my children to learn to survive in water, however there had been some negative publicity about infant swim survival programs being ‘traumatising’ for children. Not only as a mum but as a Clinical Psychologist I had hesitations about this, but after much research of Kids Aquatic Survival School I didn’t feel there was any evidence of this and I enrolled my children in their program. As expected, for the first few lessons my boys cried as they were being pushed outside what they were comfortable with and they were also separated from me as I was not in the pool with them. Very quickly however they settled with their instructor, whom always projected a warm demeanour and was child centred in their approach, and within a few weeks they were able to roll over and float. I think one of the strengths of the program is that the children attend lessons daily, reinforcing the skills and habituating to the water within a matter of weeks. I now have peace of mind that if they got into trouble in water that they would confidently float…and survive. By the end of the program my boys were confident in the water, having fun, and clearly NOT traumatised. Three of my four children have now completed the swim survival program and I will most definitely enrol my fourth child when she starts crawling.

Mum and Clinical Psychologist

I searched high and low for a survival school for my daughter 5 years ago, and upon finding KASS I enrolled her straight away. Its amazing to watch your child learn in such a short period to ‘Survive’ in the water. I enrolled my son when he turned 2 shortly after. Since then my children have such confidence in the water and also attend KASS stroke lessons, once a week. I can not say enough about how great KASS programs are and would definitely recommend them to any parent with a pool or living near water.


We used KASS for my 3 year old son, who although attending ‘normal’ swimming lessons was not competent in the water. As we spend a lot of time near water at beaches, near rivers and have a pool in our back garden I was looking for something to improve his abilities to help save himself if the situation arose. We found this in KASS – Rachelle was friendly, helpful and informative with letting us know which programme would be best for our son and Richard was firm, friendly and fun in the water. After only a few weeks our son was able to float properly for lengthy periods of time and learnt to swim for the wall/edge rather than the instructor (who would not be there in an emergency situation). We were very happy overall and plan to send our next child there as soon as he is old enough!

Helen Kettlewell

I have been going to Kass for about 3-4 years now and I think it is the most amazing survival course any parent needs to give their children. I have seen first hand what can happen if your child falls in a body of water. This course teaches the children the skills they require to survive in the water. Richard and Rachelle do an amazing job, I would recommend KASS to anyone with children.


I have watched my friends and family take their kids to swimming lessons each week year after year…spending a huge amount of money with very slow results. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with what Kids Aquatic Survival School have done for us. All three of our kids have mastered swimming safely to the edge, rolling and floating all whilst fully clothed within 6 weeks of the program. We are lucky that it was only just around the corner for us but it is absolutely worth travelling across Sydney for…after those 6 weeks we have not needed to take our kids back to lessons until they need to learn strokes at 4-5 years. We have just had a baby and he will be signed up very soon!


My son has been going to KASS now for 5 weeks – it has been amazing to watch his confidence and skills grow in such a short time compared to the frustrations of months of weekly lessons resulting in very little progress. I highly recommend the KASS process and the team at Lilli Pilli – I will be putting my second son through very soon! It’s a commitment to turn up each day but a very small price to pay for increasing your child’s chance of survival.


This program has been absolutely amazing for my 3 kids. They now love the water (having been not so keen at first), and would choose swimming as their number 1 activity. Thank you for making my kids water safe!


Teaching kids water survival skills is a must – it is the best thing we have done.

Eugenie Pepper

Kids Aquatic Survival School has opened my eyes to why our kids need swimming lessons! For Survival not just familiarisation! I had my nearly 4yo and 2yo in Austswim accredited classes from 6 months of age. By 3.5yr my 4yo wasn’t letting go of me or the instructor and she ONLY wanted to use a flotation device. She was regressing. Within 4 weeks of the KASS course my little girl was floating unassisted, rolling over and swimming to the edge. Now week 8 and already 2 weeks into transitional stroke lessons she is diving down, doing breaststroke and freestyle. My 2yo is floating calmly, rolling and swimming to the edge. I never knew he had such powerful legs as he had only been bopping vertically in the water singing nursery rhymes through the old style swimming lessons. It’s an indescribable feeling watching your child excel in something out of their comfort zone and #KASS was able to and continue to do that for my children. Thank you


With an over confident 2 year old son who didn’t enjoy the mum & bubs style swimming lessons the one on one KASS lessons were perfect for us. After a few weeks my son loved going & would get so excited about his daily swimming lesson. I was totally amazed at how quickly my son was able to float, roll and get himself to the edge (totally clothed too). I have just now put my third child through the KASS program & would highly recommend it to any parent. Its a nice feeling knowing your kids have the skills to survive if they fall in a pool.


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